About Groupe B Rallye


Welcome to the inaugural Michelin Rallye Groupe B.

Whilst in this instance the event is seen as a 'one off', celebrating thirty years of Group B and eighty years of the RAC we hope, with support of all, that it remains on the British Rally Calendar as an annual event.

Entries are restricted to one hundred and twenty and these are certain to be snapped up quickly, so pick up your pen and cheque book and send off your entry straight away. If you are successful in obtaining an entry, we thank you for your commitment and wish you a safe and enjoyable event. If you are not, why not contact us about statically displaying your pride and joy at our Rally Village, volunteer to help out or just come to one of our venues to watch.
Lastly I would like to thank our 'title' sponsors Michelin UK for all their help and support on turning this Rally into a reality.

For the benefit of all let us cast our minds back for a moment to those halcyon days:-

It's early morning; you are in some forbidding place deep in a forest. There is a heavy mist and for once the rising sun is making an effort to appear. You have been on the spot for hours, breakfast for you and your friends has been served up and you have never appreciated bacon and beans so much.


From the rally timetable you know the arrival of the first competing car is not far off. You have watched the procession of course cars and been given a feel for what is about to happen by the passing of the '0' cars. BUT no matter how many times you have been in this position nothing prepares you for what is about to happen.

It starts with a distant bang, probably a distance of five or six miles down the valley, which startles the bird life. The popping and banging gets louder by the second and fellow fans start to edge forward and Marshalls' eyes start to look around their positions.

THEN it's upon you – the chirping and banging of the anti-lag system, the induction roar, and by present standards, the almost open exhaust systems, creates a sound that is almost indescribable. Some distance down the undulating straight appears an E2 Quattro at first half visible amongst a broadside of stones and steam. The driver hits the throttle and such is the power of 500 or so bhp that the rear end squats and the front end lifts. In no time the car is immediately in front of you and what seems like a small crest sends all four wheels off the ground. You see stones flying your way and you turn your back and in seconds the car is gone in a cloud of dust and flames.

You turn to your friends – you are speechless.

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